Our Team

NETworks Staff

Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Gentry
Chief Operating Officer Scott W. Jackson
President Orin Wolf
Executive Vice President Production Seth Wenig
Executive Assistant/Associate General Manager Curt Owens
Director of Finance John Kinna
Controller Jennifer Gifford
Executive Producer Trinity Wheeler
Senior Director, Booking & Engagments Mary K. Witte
Engagement Manager Esther Schwarzbauer
Director of Marketing/PR Heather Hess
Digital Marketing Strategist Perrin Shapiro
Senior General Manager Gregory Vander Ploeg
General Manager Jamey Jennings
Assistant General Manager Anne Cape
Senior Production Manager Jason Juenker
Production Manager Hector Guivas
Assistant Production Manager Emma Downey
Music Coordinator John Mezzio
Warehouse Manager Brad Korff
Office Manager Buddy Piccolino
Administrative Assistant Kevin Persaud
Administrative Assistant Carol Jewell
Director, Tour Accounting Laura S. Carey
IT Manager Tim Pizza